The White Company

The White Company is a group of Marqued men and women that started in the Oakvale parish of Larkshire, Albion

The Members are

Cobal a Dragonborn fighter with icy breath and an honourable attitude. He dosn’t have wings or a tail so don’t ask… he’s grouchy about it.

Ruskatin an Elodrin Rogue. pure ninj.

Adrienne a Human cleric of Avandra who hates the undead.

Shiboosha Daemonssou a Tiefling warlock. Master of the fly curse.

Kamzin Bellhaster a Human Mage. The misuser of his magic hand.

Kronk an honourable Orc fighter who has definite view on meals.

Quinn a half-Elven Paladin of the Raven Queen who served in the Raven Guard as a Captain.

Poetry a Tiefling warlock who has struck a pact with the fey and proves that Tieflings don’t all have stupid names.

Riardon, the other Elodrin rogue whos name also begins with R (no relation apparently.).

Vygar, a Goliath Barbarian.

The White Company

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