The Dragonborn in General and those of Ash Vale.

The Dragonborn are an ancient race, having been around before humankind began its expansion upon the globe. Thousands of years ago they ruled two great empires, dedicated to Ba’Vomae (Baphomet) and Te’Armae (Tiamat). But these two great empires were constantly at each others throat and they crumbled under the weight of war. The bulk of the remnants of the Ba’Vomae Empire ended up on the Island that would one day be known as Albion. Since that time they have refrained from empire building and prefer to live a much quieter life dedicated to the Great Wyrm and the rightful rulers of their little island. Dragonborn society has, historically, been a large group of “clans” (or Menzhen) that are all dedicated to the same god. Each Menzhen has its own spin on the worship of that god. Within these Menzhens are the “houses” (or Hauz). The Hauz take their names from the different aspects of the God and dedicate themselves to that aspect. The bulk of the Dragonborn in Albion are “Metallic’s” (known as the Metalizh), but there is a significant “chromatic” line (known as the Gezicfabre) within the Clans. The dominant Albion Clan is known as Menzhen GrozaVyrm and is scattered widely across Albion. They have six Hauz known as:

The Watchers of the Chalk Dragon (Hauz VyrmKreid Bezhutzner) based in Larkshire, most notably at Pelors Grace and Ash Vale.

The Grand Sword (Hauz Grodezvert) based in Tainshire.

The Soaring Wing (Hauz Hocflugen) based in Middenshire.

The Roar of The Just (Hauz Gerechtgebruil) based in Tainshire.

The Forest at Night(Hauz Nachtvald) based in Middenshire.

The Spine of the Mountain (Hauz Ruckgratberg) based in the Highland Reach.

In Dragonborn society the concept of Parents is slightly alien. Being born in large clutches the young are brought up by the Hauz as a whole and the whole Hauz is there family. Hauz Vyrmkreid Bezhutzner based at Ash Vale, serve as protectors of the White Dragon, the chalk icon carved into the hill there. They also lend there might to the local village in times of need, although they like to remain isolated at all other times. Those based in and around Pelors Grace tend to be the more overtly religious arm of the House tending to and defending the temples of Baphomet of all races. It is a tradition among the house to send out a few of the children every decade to experience the world and make a name for themselves, thus bringing honour and knowledge back to the house.

Hauz Grodeszvert is a militant house, and often join The Order of the Dragon protectors to the rightful King or Queen of Albion and keeping them and there family safe. Although its numbers are not great they make up a significant number of the royal guard and can be found in the militia of many a Warden.

Hauz Hocflugen are a trading house, specialising in import and export to the continent, and own several ships and warehouses in the eastern ports. Hauz Gerechtgebruil is another religious house, but they are more insular and only have the best interests of the Dragonborn at heart.

Hauz Nachtvald is a far shadier affair. On the surface they are a trading house servicing the local markets around Albion, whilst secretly they are the covert arm of Hauz Gerechtgebruil, spying on the other races of Albion to ensure the races security.

Hauz Ruckgratberg is another militant house, but they specialise in taking the fight to the enemies of Albion, notably the Orc and the Goblin, who are a constant blight on the country.

The Dragonborn naming etiquette.

The dragonborn are not given a name until there third year (as many do not survive that long) when they are removed from the “nest” and placed as “apprentice” to an arm of the Hauz. This name stays with them for life. Along with the given name they also take the House name and clan name. Thus a typical young Dragonborn could be called Cobal Vyrmzvart Bezhutzner GrozaVyrm. But it is important to some Dragonborn to make a name for themselves, literally, by doing some great deed. This name will be chosen for them by their peers and never by themselves. Thus a great fighting hero may add “orcbane” or “goblinslayer” after his given name.


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