Session 4

The party took the contract to hunt the dragon, after searching for information they settled on checking out an old bouilding on the The Witchlight fens that used to guard a portal into the shadowfell that the old Nareth empire used to travel the rivers that ran through that dark land. Upon arrivingat the building the party (Sans Cobol) set about killing the resident Kobolds and finding pit traps the only way that adventurers can. In fact one of the warlocks ( i wont mention which… but it was the unpronouncable male one!) lept across a pit cursing and enemy… well fell into a hole screamin ‘I cuuurse yooou’ thud would be a better discription. After dealing with the Kobolds the party went to a jetty over the swamp where the black dragon ambused them. Only through divine favour and excessive use of shiving where the party victorious.

Will Red Eye want vengence for killing the dragon he invested so much loot in? and will the warlock ever live down his flying curse?



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