Session 3

Old Tom hired the White Company to deal with the Goblin Raiders that had been attacking local trade routes. The group headed cross country towards The Goblin Ruins. On the way they where ambused by Drakes hiding in long grass, almost killing Cobal. Once they took up the trail again the came to the edge of the woods the ruins where in and witnessed a mysterious women and her Death Knight bodyguards leaving, only to disapear into a Shadowfell portal. The White Company members present (Cobal, Adrienne, Kamzin Bellhaster and Ruskatin) slowly moved towards the ruins, before charging. Whilst the Goblin leader hid in the basement the other Goblins quickly fell to The White Company charge. After dispatching the raiders Cobal ripped the trap door to the basement off and they bravley charged into the gloom below. The fight went well until the Goblin Shamans Imp joined the fray, however the team triumphed and dispatched their enemies to secure the Goblins loot. Within the Goblin warvhest there was a note from the Shaman to the goblin leader Red Eye saying the chest was bound for the Dragon in the swamps.

Who was the strange women? Is she linked the the happenings at Raven brook village? and will the group take a job the hunt a dragon in the The Witchlight fens? find out next time.



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