The Broken Tower Inn

The Broken Tower Inn

The inn is on the western road out of Oak Vale and is built next to the ruins of an old tower. Inn caters to travellers using the western road and is a place for traders from the villages to the west to meet before travelling on mass to Oak Vale town. It is fortified and is attached to an old Nareth watch tower that used to watch over the road. It is run by Gregory Appleton an old Knight of Albion who has settled down to a quieter life. The Inn itself also hosts football matches between the local village teams, the best of which are Sunningdale’s Pelor’s Spurs and the Oak Vales team who take their name from where they practice, Mill Wall. The goal posts are north of the Inn about a mile apart. And happen once a week through autumn. The winner gets to play in the County play offs in the autumn and the winner of the county play offs gets to play against the other counties winners in the capital.

Football teams

Sunningdale Spurs

Oak Vale – Mill Wall Town

Huntingwood FC

Ash Vale Dragons

Raven Brook FC

Oak Vale – Hammerfast Union

Football can be quite brutal and involves getting a ball to the other teams goal to win. The only rules are stay within the stone markers that line the pitch and no weapons. It relies on the good nature of the players and very few serious injuries ever happen at a parish level.

The Broken Tower Inn

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