Oak Vale town

Oak Vale Town

The capital, home to humans, Halflings and most races along with dwarves who left their orc ravaged home under the moors. It is ruled by Under Warden Francis Uppington son of the Under Warden of Uppington Baron Uppington. The Under Warden is a young noble who while is capable, is quite inexperienced. He is fair in his rule, however his lack of resources has led to him using Marqued Men to fill in for the smaller than usual militia. He lives in the council house in the centre of Oak vale.

Notable locations.

The Chrome Dragon is a tavern and Office of Marquee for the Parish. It is run by Louisa Westermain, a middle-aged motherly figure who runs a clean tavern. The Office of Marques is run by a dour and cynical clerk called Henry who dislikes his job and dislikes his customers more.

The Dwarven ward. This is an area within the town that is home to the dwarves who survived the fall of Hammerfast. This ghetto is next to the market and is quite affluent due to the goods for sale. It has a church to their patron God and the has the towns smithy run by Barak Tenhammers. Tenhammer Smithy has some interesting items for sale such as dwarven armour and enchanted weapons.

The Adventurers rest is a tavern in the poorer end of town that holds a shrine to the goddess of luck. Both are run by a halfling cleric by the name Falstaff who has tales of his many exploits, some of which are true.

The grey tower is home to the Mage Garot Raithness a member of The Fraternity of Albion. He acts as the guardian to the towns teleportation circle and for a fee he will transport people to various points within the circles network. He is in his forties and is more interested in his research than in communication or people. If Oak Vale should come under attack he is considered to be important to the towns defences, he is given a certain amount of leeway in his behaviour by the under warden due to this. For a price one of his apprentices sell potions and items created to fund their masters research. Garot occasionally posts Marquees for rare and odd ingredients and is very particular in his explinations to those who take the contracts.

Old Toms emporium is located in the market place and acts as focal point for the traders and a place for traders selling goods to the town. Old Tom however is rarely there and leaves the day to day running to a teifling called Geist who is the consummate trader. Old Tom still plies the parish trade routes and often follows marqed men to sell supplies in the field.

Oak Vale town

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