Counties of Albion

The Counties

Highland Reach – The north of Albion. Home to nomadic and settled tribes men who fight almost constantly with Orc tribes of the north.

Brackenshire – south of the Highland reach is Bracken, mountainous, covered with heath land and moors it is home to determined humans and dwarves.

Middenshire – The largest County in Albion and home to the majority of the eastern ports to the continental mainland

Gireshire – Southern home to Humans and Halflings, least damaged by the war it is a green and pleasant land, which admittedly is home to some rather vicious goblin tribes as well.

Dusk wood – Home to the elves and fey of Albion with some humans living on it’s outskirts.

Tainshire – Smaller than most counties, however it is the safest and richest, considered soft by the northern counties. Home to the capital.

Larkshire – a very changeable geography and home to a lot of different races. The capital city of Larkshire is the fortified city of Pelors Grace and it’s Lord Warden is Karl Greene otherwise known as the Green Lord.

Counties of Albion

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