Albion is an island nation just west of the great continent and neighbours with the country of Wiest. Albion has mountains in it’s north and plains in the south, it is mainly populated by humans although it has a long and proud ties to both the fey and dwarves. Dragonborn also make a home in Albion and a living repetition of the official religion Baphomet. Albion folklore says that Albion is the land mass that Baphomet recovered on after his duel with Tiamat and this is why there have always been metallic dragons on Albion.


The Queen of Albion, Queen Jovia, is the head of state, she rules from the Palace of Eagles in the capital city of Tainford. Tainford being built on the old imperial garrison town of Tainsford. The country is divided up into counties, each is ruled for the Queen by a Lord Warden appointed by the throne. Under the Lord Wardens are Under Wardens who run parishes and under them are local leaders who are appointed by whatever is tradition is prevalent to that county or community.

Marqued Men

The throne has recognised that even now the country of Albion is just a collection of communities sheltering it’s self from the encroaching darkness. To combat this the Queen has issued letters of marques to any group of up to ten individuals to undertake missions provided by local offices of marques for payment tax-free. They have also been given licence to map and explore and keep what they find. Now known as the Marqued Men, these people are pushing back the darkness and helping Albion, whilst making money at the same time. These people range from hardened mercenaries to groups of Paladins keeping the roads safe. As those with a Marques the only people allowed, other than militia and the army, to act as organised military units (Mercenary admittedly) they have become a very important part of Albion’s defences.


Albion holds the right to worship in high regard and allows all the unaligned, good and lawful good religions freedom. However the Worship of demon or evil gods is punished with incarceration or death


Within Albion there are some official organisations that are recognised by the throne or have gained acceptance within society.

Royal Road Wardens

The Fraternity of Albion

The Order of the Dragon

The Albion Army

The Office of Marquee


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