Session 5

Cobal, Quinn, Kronk and Ruskatin mainly discussed dinner, this dinner was rudely interupted by bandits kidnapping local villagers. After taking the job the headed east and after a few more meals they went into The stone march moor. After a while they encountered the last group to take this job, ‘Suns Mercy’, in a net. After freeing them from the bandits that had captured them the found the Bandit camp in some Dwarven ruins. After much smiting (there was a paladin after all) they freed the prisoners, killed a necromancer and a dopleganger and discovered that the bandits indulged in Vecena worship and alchemy.

Is there a link here to the other Bandits and Vecne and will Kronk ever get second dinner.

Session 4

The party took the contract to hunt the dragon, after searching for information they settled on checking out an old bouilding on the The Witchlight fens that used to guard a portal into the shadowfell that the old Nareth empire used to travel the rivers that ran through that dark land. Upon arrivingat the building the party (Sans Cobol) set about killing the resident Kobolds and finding pit traps the only way that adventurers can. In fact one of the warlocks ( i wont mention which… but it was the unpronouncable male one!) lept across a pit cursing and enemy… well fell into a hole screamin ‘I cuuurse yooou’ thud would be a better discription. After dealing with the Kobolds the party went to a jetty over the swamp where the black dragon ambused them. Only through divine favour and excessive use of shiving where the party victorious.

Will Red Eye want vengence for killing the dragon he invested so much loot in? and will the warlock ever live down his flying curse?

Session 3

Old Tom hired the White Company to deal with the Goblin Raiders that had been attacking local trade routes. The group headed cross country towards The Goblin Ruins. On the way they where ambused by Drakes hiding in long grass, almost killing Cobal. Once they took up the trail again the came to the edge of the woods the ruins where in and witnessed a mysterious women and her Death Knight bodyguards leaving, only to disapear into a Shadowfell portal. The White Company members present (Cobal, Adrienne, Kamzin Bellhaster and Ruskatin) slowly moved towards the ruins, before charging. Whilst the Goblin leader hid in the basement the other Goblins quickly fell to The White Company charge. After dispatching the raiders Cobal ripped the trap door to the basement off and they bravley charged into the gloom below. The fight went well until the Goblin Shamans Imp joined the fray, however the team triumphed and dispatched their enemies to secure the Goblins loot. Within the Goblin warvhest there was a note from the Shaman to the goblin leader Red Eye saying the chest was bound for the Dragon in the swamps.

Who was the strange women? Is she linked the the happenings at Raven brook village? and will the group take a job the hunt a dragon in the The Witchlight fens? find out next time.

Session 2

After finishing guarding the caravan to The Broken Tower Inn the party settled in for a well earned drink. However they were rudly interupted by an acotyte of the Raven Queen called Basil who needed their help in nearby Raven brook village. After finding out that the dead were rising from the graveyard Cobal the Dragonborn warrior, Ruskatin the Elodrin Rogue and Adrienne the human cleric of Avadran decided to take the contract whilst their companions Kamzin and Shiboosha took to their rooms.

On ariving at the village they found the locals bearing pitchforks and looking pretty scared. They met with Elder Tobias who told them that a member of the Ravenguard (Troops that guard Shadowfell Tower) had been killed and placed in the crypt. Since then his ghost had been raising the dead and had inflicted a curse on Cleric Bryn. Adrianne discovered that this was the work of Vecena and the group set off the destroy this unquite spirit.

On the way to the crypt they battle through the undead and Adrienna managed to reclaim a holy symbol of her order from one of the Zombies. Once at the crypt they fought through statues animated by some fell energy until they breached the crypt itself. Once in they fought their way to the Chaple of Journeys beginning where they found the body of the unammed Ravenguard. At once the Ghost revealed itself and summoned skeletons to it’s aid. After a long fight the Ghost was laid to rest and it’s body burned.

On returning the group was welcomed by Bryn who treated them to a meal while they named the group the White Company.

Who inflicted this fate on the Ravenguard for Vecena? and what could be gained by Vecena with such a petty act?

session 1

Starting as a test of the new system the party set out from Oak Vale town after taking a contract from Old Tom to protect him and his caravan on the short trip to the The The Broken Tower Inn they were ambused by Goblins. The newly form group made short work of the attackers, with the Dragonborn Cobal turning two into Goblin icelollies, the caravans made it to the in with only the halfling drover as a casualty.


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